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The Wilem Group, based in Gulfport, Mississippi, produces a nationally distributed television show, Hook It & Cook It, as well as its flagship production - the weekly television show, Find Your Outdoors, which has been on the air for over 15 years, and is now broadcast nationally in most major U.S. cities to over 45 million households.

In addition to offering its clients exposure in millions of households, The Wilem Group has expanded to offer clients full social media and Internet support for their businesses. With its world-class video production background, the company produces high quality videos for its clients use in social media, on the Internet, and elsewhere, and also broadcasts client videos on one of its television shows when appropriate.

First Class Marketing Agency

Frank and Brittany, along with their highly skilled team, have expanded The Wilem Group into a full-service marketing agency in addition to producing their national television shows. They are proud to offer businesses first class service in digital marketing, graphic design, website development, business strategy, video creation, photography, print, and more!

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Our Partners

Photograph headshot of Frank Wilem, CEO and Founder of The Wilem Group, marketing agency on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Frank Wilem
Founder & CEO

Frank J Wilem, Jr., is a partner in The Wilem Group, author, and professional speaker living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Frank has enjoyed a diverse and successful life as founder and former Executive Vice President of the nation’s largest ATM manufacturer, Triton Systems, Inc., based in Long Beach, Mississippi. He serves as a co-host on the nationally aired television show, Find Your Outdoors, and host of Hook It & Cook It. Frank brings a strong knowledge of building successful businesses.

Photograph headshot of Brittany Wilem, Director of Marketing of The Wilem Group, marketing agency on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Brittany Wilem
Director of Marketing

Brittany Wilem is a partner and serves as the Director of Marketing for The Wilem Group. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2016, Brittany moved back to Gulfport to join Frank in building The Wilem Group. She brings a knowledge of digital marketing and is the interface between the company and clients. Brittany also serves as a co-host with Frank on Find Your Outdoors.